Shrimp salad: delicious recipe step by step

The shrimp salad recipe is perfect for hot days.

Since the beginning of spring, a few episodes of heat have been going on, which makes me a little scared what It's going to bring summer. In those moments, I feel like a good portion of prawns salad with a glass of white wine to refresh me.

In fact, when I start thinking about the temperatures that summer can reach in the south of Spain, I understand perfectly that in the area of ​​Cádiz and Huelva they had the great idea of ​​inventing such a fresh dish, as is the prawn salad.

I am a fan of this type of salad, since Sometimes, when I go to prepare it, I have trouble deciding between her and her cousin, the Russian salad.

At least for today, the one that won was the prawn salad, so let's go with the recipe.

Easy Shrimp Salad Recipe

shrimp salad

prawns salad
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Prawn salad

How to prepare a delicious shrimp salad, in the traditional way, and with a step-by-step explanation.One is to peel them by hand, with a vegetable peeler, and then cook them. The other is to wash them and put them directly in a hot pot of salt water, so that they are cooked. If you do the second, you can remove the skin more easily once you remove them from cooking. In counterpart, you must be careful with the temperature. If you are conservative, like me, you can add them already peeled to the cooking pot (or even, never peel them, if you like to eat potatoes with skin).
  • The same goes for carrots. I prefer to peel them from the beginning, but I leave the options to the taste of the cook.
  • The pot for cooking vegetables should be of good size and contain plenty of water. Remember not to add the salt until the water has started to boil. Just adding a teaspoon of this ingredient will be enough.
  • The time of cooking may vary according to the kitchen of each person. To validate that the vegetables are already well cooked, you can prick them with a fork, which you should be able to remove easily.
  • You can take advantage of the cooking time to chop the prawns. Calculate the size of the pieces a little larger than the cubes you will make later from the vegetables. Obviously, you have to peel the prawns if they were not already peeled. Reserve about five or ten complete, to decorate the surface of your salad.
  • Now we are going to chop the vegetables, already peeled and drained, in small cubes.
  • In a salad bowl, add the cubes of carrot, potato, prawns, and peas. If it is preserved peas, they must be drained first.

  • Add the mayonnaise, a little salt to taste and a pinch of sugar.
  • Stir everything very well. Test to verify if the seasoning is correct, or if on the contrary it is necessary to add more salt.
  • Chop the sliced ​​green olives and use them to decorate the surface of the salad, together with the reserved prawns.
  • Store the container in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, so that the salad is more refreshing when you serve it.
  • About the layout of the mayonnaise for this salad, there are two schools: one that does the preparation how we just explained it, and another that keeps half, and At the moment of decorating the salad, place it on top and spread it with a spoon. After that step is that the ornament is made with prawns and olives, or in some cases, with peas and carrot pieces.

    The second way to add mayonnaise is particularly practical when the salad of prawns is available in Pyrex type molds and seeks to achieve an appearance more similar to a lasagna or cake.

    Tips for an incredible shrimp salad

    • Although in that case it would no longer be a shrimp salad, the prawns also work very well to prepare a version of this recipe.
    • Optionally, you can add 100 grams of sweet corn to the recipe, to give it a sugary touch , that is going great.If by chance you do not know what surimi is, I leave here the link to Wikipedia. In this case, we refer to the surimi with crab flavor, which is the most typical in the western market.

      To prepare the salad of prawns and surimi, you just have to make a change with respect to the original recipe: we are going to reduce 100 grams of the amount of prawns, and instead we are going to add 8 bars of surimi, also chopped into cubes. This will be mixed with the rest of the preparation.

      Prawns salad with egg

      To prepare this version of the salad, you have to add a couple of hard-boiled eggs to the recipe.

      To integrate this ingredient into the recipe, there are two different styles. The first is to chop the eggs (no peel, of course) in cubes and mix them with the rest of the ingredients. The second is to shred the eggs and use them to decorate the salad, sprinkling them on top. They can even replace the decoration with prawns and olives.

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      Enjoy good food!