What Does CMS Stand for in the Deli Department of a Grocery Store?

In the bustling environment of a grocery store, the deli department is a hub of activity. Here, fresh meats, cheeses, and prepared foods are displayed and sold to customers. Within this department, there are typically two sections: the deli and CMS. While the deli is self-explanatory, the term CMS may not be as familiar to many. So, what does CMS stand for in the context of a grocery store’s deli department? Let’s delve into this topic and shed some light on this industry-specific term.

Understanding CMS

CMS, in the context of a grocery store’s deli department, stands for ‘Cold Meal Solutions’. This section is dedicated to the preparation and sale of ready-to-eat meals that are typically served cold. These can include salads, sandwiches, wraps, sushi, and other similar items. The CMS section is a crucial part of the deli department, catering to customers who are looking for quick, convenient, and healthy meal options.

The Role of the CMS Section

The CMS section plays a significant role in the deli department. It not only provides a variety of meal options for customers but also contributes to the overall revenue of the department. The popularity of ready-to-eat meals has been on the rise, and the CMS section caters to this demand. It is responsible for preparing these meals, ensuring they are fresh, and maintaining the display cases to attract customers.

Why is CMS Important?

The CMS section is important for several reasons. Firstly, it caters to the growing demand for convenience. With busy lifestyles, many customers prefer ready-to-eat meals that save them time. Secondly, the CMS section often offers healthier options compared to fast food, attracting health-conscious customers. Lastly, it adds variety to the offerings of the deli department, making it a one-stop-shop for customers’ meal needs.

How is CMS Different from the Deli?

While both the CMS and deli sections are part of the same department, they serve different purposes. The deli section primarily focuses on selling fresh meats and cheeses, often sliced to order. On the other hand, the CMS section is dedicated to preparing and selling ready-to-eat meals. Both sections complement each other, providing a comprehensive range of options for customers.


In conclusion, CMS stands for ‘Cold Meal Solutions’ in the context of a grocery store’s deli department. It plays a crucial role in catering to the demand for ready-to-eat meals, contributing to the overall success of the department. Whether you’re a customer looking for a quick meal or a grocery store owner aiming to increase revenue, the CMS section is an essential part of the deli department.