Rice salad, recipe step by step

A rice salad is a dish that could be called perfect, because with a single recipe can guarantee a balanced menu.

The recipe of rice salad that we are going to propose is just one of those that integrates the different types of food: we will have proteins of animal origin, with vegetables, and of course, with the rice grains for the carbohydrate group.

How to prepare rice salad

It is important that you choose a firm beef tomato. Avoid juicy tomatoes to the maximum, which are better for making sauces or soups (like our recipe for tomato soup). The difference is that you can cut your tomato of firm meat into pieces and mix it quietly, without soaking the salad with liquid. On the contrary, a juicy tomato will release a lot of liquid, which will change the consistency and flavor of your recipe.

salad of rice

rice salad
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Salad with rice step by step

A salad of balanced, fresh and healthy rice, ideal to try another side of this popular ingredient. Learn how to prepare our salad recipe with rice step by step.Exactly, it's about preparing the rice. Probably, they are all professionals of the preparation of this grain if they read our fabulous note (it is not because it is ours, but it is the best and the easiest one that you will find on the web). If you have not seen it yet, here is the link to our white rice recipe.
  • Preparing the rice takes some time, so we can take advantage of other tasks. We will then heat water in another pot, to cook the sausages, according to the duration indicated on the package. If you prefer sausages with a more intense flavor, you can rather cook them on the grill. You just have to heat this over medium heat, and move the sausages on each side, until the surface ends golden on all sides.
  • Now let's wash the vegetables: the pepper, the zucchini and the tomato.
  • You have to remove the head of the pepper, cut it into three or four large pieces and remove the seeds and white internal parts.
  • Then we will cut the pieces into small cubes, and reserve them.
  • Now we turn to the tomato, which we will also cut into small cubes.
  • Then it's the turn of the medium zucchini. We will do the same, cut it into cubes.
  • Once the sausages are ready, you can cut them in strips lengthwise, to facilitate the final cut into cubes.
  • With the rice ready, what follows is to let it cool. Keep in mind that it is important that the rice is well loose. That's the ideal texture to use in salad.
  • In a salad bowl, mix the cold rice with vegetables and diced sausages. Add salt and pepper to taste, and mix so that everything is evenly distributed.
  • Season with olive oil threads. Ready, you have your rice salad, balanced and healthy.

  • I like to decorate my salad with lemon slices finally cut. I think this reinforces the idea of ​​freshness, and finally, what we are preparing is a salad recipe. You can also use these slices of lemon to squeeze them at the time of eating, as a complement to the dressing.
  • Other versions of the salad recipe with rice

    Rice salad with surimi

    This version of the rice salad is also a dish balanced. For this preparation, we are going to replace the sausages with surimi bars, and the zucchini for green olives. If you wish, at the time of dressing, you can add some herbs in spices, to give more flavor to your salad. You can also increase the amount of surimi bars, because it is an ingredient with a lighter taste than sausage.

    Rice salad with smoked salmon

    For this version, there is to replace the sausages and zucchini with 100 grams of smoked salmon.It can be pork ham or turkey breast.

    A couple of tips for a memorable rice salad

    • An important comment before finishing our note: remember that it is essential that the rice is well loose, for a rice salad with a perfect consistency. I know that I said this before, but I repeat it because it is fundamental for the success of this recipe.
    • When choosing rice, they can work with a classic white rice, but also with basmati rice , Thai or bomb. In these cases, it is easier to obtain loose rice.
    • If you are going to store your salad in the refrigerator, do not add the dressings before, but until the moment of serving.

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