How to prepare green bean salad

The salad of green beans has a privileged place among the recipes with green beans, especially in hot weather.

In turn, recipes with green beans have a privileged place among healthy recipes . It is that thinking seriously, who does not consume green beans if you want to follow a healthy recipe or low in calories? Or can you imagine a vegetarian diet without green beans as a recurring ingredient?

All that makes me think I'm taking for granted the position of green beans in the diets of a lot of people, but maybe You came to this recipe and you're still wondering what green beans are. Certainly, that depends on the country you are in, because they are also known by other names such as beans or beans. If you still have doubts, I leave you the Wikipedia link about green beans or green beans.

You will also like to know that green beans are antioxidants and are full of vitamins and fibers. Also that they can be eaten hot or cold. If you like that last idea, with this salad you will give a feast.

green bean salad

green bean salad
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Green Bean Salad Recipe

If you know what green beans are and want a salad, this recipe is for you. Try the green bean salad, fresh and healthy.Now let's see how. It's very easy.
  • The first thing is to wash or clean the green beans very well.
  • Next, remove the part that does not favor the smooth texture of this ingredient : the points. We will cut a little bit the tip of each side, and we will have some nice canes or green strips.
  • What follows is a steam cooking, for 10 to 15 minutes, so that the green beans soften.
  • Once the beans are cooked, we will pass them to a salad bowl.
  • We will now take care of the radishes. We will wash them, we will cut them into slices and we will also pass them to the salad bowl.
  • the turn of cherry tomatoes. You also have to wash them, and then chop them in half, to incorporate them into the container.
  • Continue to season everything with salt and pepper, a good squirt of olive oil and another one of wine vinegar.
  • Mix everything, try and correct the seasoning if necessary.
  • The last thing is to cut the parsley, already clean, into small pieces. We will use it to sprinkle green bean salad.
  • You only have to decorate with the black olives.
  • Ready. You already have your salad recipe and you can serve it.

    Green bean salad: tips

    • At the time of dressing the salad, you can add a trick: fresh garlic. Obviously, just apply this tip if you're a fan of garlic. To do this, take a clove of garlic, peel it and crush it, or cut it into very small pieces. Mix it with the other ingredients after adding the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.
    • Another tip that can work well, if you like strong flavors, is that when you mix everything, add a spoonful of mustard to the salad. In that case, do not use the garlic trick, unless you like the really very strong flavors.
    • If you are an egg fan, you can cook a hard egg and cut it into quarters or slices, to add it to the decoration of the surface of your green bean salad. Make sure you sprinkle a little salt on top of them.
    • Drain your green beans well after cooking them, so that the salad does not run out and you lose the seasoning of the dressings. It is also a good idea to let this ingredient rest a little after cooking, so that it cools well.

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