How to make avocado salad

Avocado salad is a simple dish because this ingredient does not need much to highlight its delicate flavor and personality. Alone, an avocado with salt and a little lemon is delicious. In fact, I could save the lemon and leave the dressing only and exclusively in salt.

Of course, if a Brazilian was reading this, I would say that the avocado is not eaten with salt but sprinkled with sugar. And although in our food education we do not have that combination registered, I know that one day I will try it, and I suspect it will not be bad.

But for now, we are going to use the avocado to prepare a salty recipe , that is, the salad that I have so much craving for.

With you: our avocado salad recipe.

Easy avocado salad recipe

This recipe is very easy to prepare, very refreshing and also food. It is ideal to accompany beef and pork, also works with fried fish, for example.

First I explain an easy way to make avocado salad and then you have a couple of options to make it different.

avocado salad

avocado salad
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Avocado salad

Learn how to prepare a delicious and simple avocado salad to accompany your homemade meals. Recipe step by step to make salad with avocado.Obviously it is a peeled onion 😉 You can rub the onion strips with a little salt, and then rinse them with cold water. This helps to soften a bit the flavor of this vegetable, when consumed raw.
  • Wash the radish and cut it with a mandolin, to obtain slices almost as thin as slices.
  • In the case of tomato, you also have to wash it and cut it into very thin slices.
  • The next thing is to cut the avocado into halves, to then remove the seed and the skin, and finally cut each half into slices. To help you with this procedure, I leave here this link on how to cut the salad avocado.

  • Now we are going to sprinkle the pieces of avocado with a bit of the lemon juice, in order to delay the oxidation process, now that the pulp has come into direct contact with the air.
  • For the presentation, let's alternate slices of radish, avocado and tomato in a platter.
  • Garnish with the onion julienne and sprinkle with the remaining lemon juice. div>
  • Sprinkle with a little salt and black pepper, and finally season with a thread of oil olive well distributed.
  • Ready. We already have a very easy and delicious salad with avocado and tomato.

    Other avocado salad recipes

    The avocado and tomato salad recipe that we just showed you, is incredibly easy to make, and perfect to accompany dishes such as cuts of meat baked or grilled. Now that you know how to prepare it, we will show you other versions of salads with avocado, so you can get creative and try combinations with other ingredients.

    Avocado salad with salmon

    To prepare this salad of avocado and salmon, easy and super fresh, we are going to chop an avocado into cubes and mix it with 70 grams of smoked salmon, cut into strips or cubes. To this we will add a teaspoon of capers, and we will season everything with a little salt, lemon juice and pink sauce. To decorate, you can sprinkle the salad with a little chopped onion. Ready!

    Avocado salad with prawns

    In the case of the salad of avocado and prawns, the preparation is As easy as cutting the avocado slices and presenting them alternated with a dozen cooked and peeled prawns. In fact, if you like prawns a lot, you can add some more 😉 A third ingredient that gives a very nice touch to this salad is the tomato or cherry tomato: we will also mix a dozen, cut in half.

    To season, sprinkle with salt and sprinkle with lemon juice. Then, prepare a vinaigrette with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Another option that works very well as a dressing for this salad is the pink sauce.

    This is it.

    I hope you liked our salad recipes.

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