Cabbage salad: fresh and delicious

If I think of recipes with cabbage, the first that comes to my mind is the cole slaw.

For me, cabbage is an ingredient that I still have to develop in gastronomic terms. That is, I have to learn or invent more recipes with cabbage, because I live it preparing borsch soup or else this coleslaw salad, which I love.

Do not get me wrong. What I just wrote does not mean I eat little cabbage. On the contrary, American coleslaw is part of my diet since I was a child. Since I can remember, this dish has been part of my family's home cooking. That does not surprise me, considering that the cabbage has many nutritional properties, such as those told in this link.

Coleslaw recipe

An important point that must be made clear About the recipe for cabbage salad, is that the cabbage that is used is white. I clarify it because there are many types of cabbage, such as those explained in this article. I am very curious to know what would be the result of this recipe using purple cabbage, but for now we are going to keep the traditional coleslaw recipe.

 cole slaw

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Cabbage salad or "coleslaw" step by step

The cole slaw is my favorite among the recipes with cabbage. It is refreshing and healthy, ideal to accompany roasted or stewed meats.Do not use the hard and fibrous part of the center.
  • Now let's peel the onion and chop it into very small cubes.
  • Then we will do the same with the apple. They can peel it or leave the skin to taste (I prefer to leave the skin). Anyway, you have to cut it into small cubes, and remove the seeds and hard part of the center.
  • Now let's remove the skin from the carrots, and grate them too.
  • As the vegetables are chopped or scratched, we are going to accommodate the result in a salad.
  • Then, we will prepare the sauce. In a cup we are going to pour all the ingredients of this part of the recipe. In the case of salt and pepper, a little bit is added to taste.
  • Mix all the ingredients of the sauce well and taste it. If necessary, correct with a little salty seasoning (salt and pepper), or on the contrary, with a little more sugar. This is according to the taste of the cook and his diners.
  • Pour the sauce over the vegetables that are already in the salad, and mix everything very well with two palettes of salad.
  • It is recommended to refrigerate the salad for at least a couple of hours before serving, to give it more freshness. This also allows the flavors to be integrated and the vegetables to absorb a little of the dressing.
  • What eat with coleslaw

    The cabbage salad recipe marvelously goes with meat and fish. I prefer it to be meat with "clean" flavors, that is, without very heavy sauces of strong flavors. Nor with creams, or unruly meats with other ingredients of varied flavors. If it is stews or sauteed, my recommendation is that the dish has uniform flavors.

    For example, I usually eat cabbage salad with dishes like baked pork ribs. The sweet taste of the meat prepared in this way is perfectly combined with the light acid touch of our cabbage salad, in addition to the pork and cabbage are something like ideal companions.

    This salad recipe it is also perfect with a good roast chicken or a chicken milanese.

    If instead of pork or chicken, you prefer to eat fish, I recommend combining this salad with some fish croquettes.

    Finally, for lovers of veal meat, this salad can accompany a dish of meatballs or a stewed meat.

    Have you already tried the salad? Is not that the best recipes with cabbage?

    If you liked our recipe, I think you'll also be interested in our list of healthy and fresh salads, perfect for these hot days. I hope you enjoy them.