Meat Recipes

What do you prefer? A grilled steak garnished with peppers? A powerful Hungarian stew or goulash with paprika? Some meatballs like the ones grandmothers prepare? Or an incredible chili with chopped pork and red beans that will leave you unconscious for hours on the couch?

Whatever your choice, in our section of meat recipes you will surely find something for you .

We have a variety of preparations with beef (veal) and pork, some very easy to make, others more elaborate but always very well explained so you do not get lost.

If what you are looking for are chicken recipes, you can see our exclusive section for this type of meat by clicking here:

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Y Of course, do not forget that we have a huge amount of cooking recipes that are worth exploring. Hey! You need salads! Maybe rice? And a delicious dessert to accompany your carnivorous selection, right?

Meat recipes

Take note: in many cases you can substitute the pork for beef (and vice versa) and prepare the recipe which is described.

Hungarian goulash: Meat stewed with paprika. It is delicious and yields in a lot. It does not matter if you use beef or pork.

Meatballs: I think everyone We ate unforgettable meatballs from our mothers, aunts or grandmothers. This recipe is very familiar, as to prepare it on a Sunday at home.

Eggplant Lasagna: the carnivorous version of this epic lasagna has minced meat between layer and layer. Wow.

Chili con carne: legendary, amazing, a dish that does not leaves no one indifferent. Do you want to be the center of attention among your friends? Prepare this recipe.

Sirloin Strogonoff: Another recipe for powerful meat that yields a lot and that you can prepare with res if it provokes you.

Lomo saltado peruano: A dish made with beef tenderloin (here if you can not substitute pork) in which Asian techniques are mixed with typical flavors of Peruvian cuisine. I'm a fan!

Tagliatelle with pork: And speaking of Asian food, this is a simple Chinese recipe to prepare from which you will surely want to serve a second portion.

Sirloin steak sauce: homemade and plentiful food ideal to accompany with baked potatoes or white rice. The sauce is based on mushrooms.

Baked sirloin: delicious baked pork recipe explained step by step so that the meat remains in its ideal point. Juicy inside.

Stewed oxtail: traditional recipe to make oxtail Cordovan style. Meat tender in a wonderful sauce.

Mousaka with eggplant: a delicious recipe of Greek origin similar to traditional lasagna. Abundant and delicious, ideal to share with the family.

Aubergines stuffed with meat: cooked in the oven, with melted cheese on top. This is one of those homemade meat meals that we will always enjoy.

Russian steaks: easy to make. Fillets of minced meat, hamburger style that you can accompany with chips and are the delight of children and adults.

Chinese noodles with meat: a delicious Asian recipe very quick and easy to make with beef and veal. vegetables. But hey!Baked cuisine is a traditional Christmas meal in different Latin American countries.

Arroz congri: a recipe with Cuban-origin meat made with rice, black beans and pork rib. It's strong and delicious.

Pork ribs in Asian BBQ sauce: Delicious pork recipe with an Asian twist that will drive you crazy.

Pork stew: a traditional stew made with pork. A recipe that is cooked slowly and whose flavors are unmatched.

Baked pork loin: more recipes with baked pork. But they are delicious, and in the case of the loin are perfect for eating with potatoes (as in the recipe).

Stewed Asian style meat: another recipe inspired by Asian cuisine, in this case the southeast Includes potatoes, curry and coconut milk.

Veal fillets with peppers: A quick and easy meat recipe, ideal for a lunch. It never fails.

Mexican tacos with tomatillo sauce: what makes this dish special is salsa, believe me, it's wonderful. You can make veal or pork, which provokes you.

Creamy pork with mushrooms: when it's cold it makes preparing strong, creamy, powerful meals. Here you have a perfect 🙂

Bibimbap: a classic of Korean cuisine. Rice, minced meat, egg and vegetables. Delicious!

Creamy rice with pork rib: another of those creamy meat recipes for mild weather days.

Dirty rice: this is a legendary dish of Creole cuisine. New Orleans in the United States. It is prepared with minced pork meat, chicken hearts and livers.

Pork with honey and soy: we continue with the recipes of meat with an Asian touch, this is very simple to prepare. Soybeans and honey make a perfect match. Do not miss it.

Beef stew with potatoes: recipe from the grandmother, beef cooked simmered for hours with vegetables and potatoes. Nothing can go wrong.

Peppers stuffed with meat: vegetables stuffed with meat are always delicious, such is the case of these stuffed peppers ...

Zucchini stuffed with meat: or also the case of one zucchini equally stuffed and then baked in the oven.

Baked pork ribs: this can easily be the queen of meat recipes. No doubt that a good pork ribs cooked for hours in the oven has no rival 🙂

Baked knuckle: There is also the possibility of preparing knuckle of pork in the oven. It is almost almost at the level of the ribs.

Meat stewed step by step: everything you need to know to prepare a delicious recipe for stewed meat.

Tacos al pastor: the Mexican tacos more famous. It is impossible to eat only one. Here we show you how to make them at home.

Onion soup: the unsurpassed onion soup is prepared with a forceful broth of veal bones. Get ready because this recipe is going to leave you on the couch lying down for hours.

Empanadas argentinas: these empanadas stuffed with meat are a delight and are perfect to share with friends.

Remember that eating meat all the time, although it is infinitely delicious, is not recommended. Do not commit excesses. Try to incorporate vegetables and salads in your meals and of course, never forget your fruit.