APPLE SALAD: refreshing recipe

Apple salad is a different option than the ingredients we normally think of for this type of dishes.

We always have in mind salad recipes with vegetables or other salty vegetables, such as grains or legumes. We almost do not think about fruits, except for dessert recipes like the traditional fruit salad.

With this combination of apple with lettuce and cheese, they will be so in love that they will want to mix the apples in all the dishes salty In addition, any excuse is good to consume this fruit loaded with antioxidants, minerals and other benefits. In this link you can learn more about the reasons to eat apple.

Apple salad recipe

The good thing about this salad with apples is that you can be creative and add or remove ingredients to your taste.

Personally I think that lettuce and arugula make a good combination with the apple, but you can put only arugula for example and it will go great.

It is also very refreshing!

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How to make apple salad

Salad recipe easy and simple apple Learn how to prepare a salad with very nutritious apples that will sweeten your diet.I usually pass them under a stream of cold water, press with my hands to remove any residue, and then immerse them for a few minutes in a bowl of water with white vinegar.
  • Then you have to wash the apple, remove the heart and cut it into cubes, except for a part that we will save to cut it into slices, and keep it for decoration . With about six apple slices it will suffice.
  • Spray the apple pieces with the lemon juice to avoid oxidation.
  • In the case of nuts, open the peels, remove the pieces and peel them. You can use the pieces of nuts in the natural, or if you prefer, to toast them lightly on a pan.
  • Regarding the cheese, it must be cut into cubes, but we will also keep about 6 slices or sheets for the final decoration.
  • In a salad bowl, mix the lettuce and arugula leaves with the cubes of cheese and apple, and the pieces of nuts, reserving some of the latter for decoration.
  • Now let's season with the olive oil and a good balsamic spray, but without overdoing it. Mix well again, so that the ingredients are impregnated with the dressings. We can help with a couple of salad palettes.
  • About the mixed salad, come on to arrange the reserved ingredients for the decoration: the slices of apple, cheese and some pieces of walnut. We can sprinkle with a little extra lemon juice, a thread of olive oil, and sprinkle lightly with ground black pepper.
  • That's it. We already have our apple salad ready.

    Some versions of the apple salad recipe

    Green apple and celery salad

    For this version of the recipe, we will keep the green apple, olive oil, pepper, walnuts and lemon juice, but in this case, we will add a bunch of celery to the recipe.

    Now you just have to chop apple slices (sprinkled with lemon) and mix them with the celery, add pieces of nuts and prepare a dressing with honey, mustard, oil and pepper. Easier, impossible.

    Apple and lettuce salad

    Our main recipe is already an apple and lettuce salad, but for this version, We will use other ingredients, such as blueberries and almonds. In contrast, we will not use the cheese.

    We will take the same amount of lettuce as planned, and cut it into strips. For this version, it is your decision to leave the rucula or eliminate it. Now we are going to cut the apple into pieces, sprinkle it with the lemon, and mix it with the lettuce and the pieces of nuts. Then, add ¼ cup of almonds, and the same amount of dried cranberries.

    Garnish with a honey and mustard vinaigrette, to which you can add a splash of soy sauce and a tablespoon of milk. coconut. Obviously, as in this case it is a sweet dressing, we will not use pepper, vinegar or olive oil.

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    If you arrived At this point in the recipe, I think you really like salad recipes.We want a preparation like this great salad to reach each of the lovers of good cooking and easy recipes.

    Bon appetit.